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Song of the Siren

The Story Behind The Music

Muse to Sirens, led by the other worldly vocals of Vanity Ladner, hypnotic rhythms of Thomas Ladner, crunchy basslines of Logan Beebe, and heavy drums of Brie Kenney is one of Pennsylvania's most intriguing musical gems, with a story that begins a world away in the vibrant bars & underground venues of Shanghai. Conjuring sonic inspiration from the golden era of Gothic music and the rich folklore and musical roots of America’s Deep South, Muse to Sirens effortlessly creates uniquely captivating and hypnotic listening experiences that lure their audience to a place where one might feel as if they’re standing at a crossroads in rural Mississippi, brokering a deal for their soul with the devil.

Since returning to the US, Muse to Sirens has performed along the Gulf Coast and set up new roots in Pennsylvania's underground scene. 

The band has been featured as the first US band to be interviewed by Viva! Podcast, based in the UK and are 2023 Nappie Award Finalist for Best Underground / Metal Band.

The band is currently working on releasing their first EP in October 2023. 

Band Bios

Vanity Ladner


Vanity has been captivating audiences with her trance-inducing vocals and somber lyrics. Born and raised in Mobile, she is the middle child of five to a single mother and helped to raise her two younger sisters. She grew up constantly surrounded by music and her mother's poetry. It was her mother's artistic ability and strength that influenced and motivated her to continue songwriting.

As a teenager she began experimenting with the piano and honed her songwriting skills with a close friend as they formed a small band called 'Three Cheers for Carrie'. It was at this time that she became exposed to heavy metal and dark instrumentals. 

Shortly after graduating high school she met, her now husband, Thomas Ladner. The two immediately connected due to their love of music. He soon introduced her to gothic and darkwave music, which allowed her to dive deeper into a darker style of songwriting.

Throughout her college years, she continued songwriting and performed in her university's talent show. She began branching out musically and dove into folk goth and more ethereal genres.

In 2018 she and Thomas moved to Shanghai for a year to teach English. While abroad she bought Thomas an acoustic guitar for his birthday, which gave the two the spark they needed. The two immediately began creating music together and performing at open mics and bars. This experience is what formed Muse to Sirens.

Since their return to the US Vanity has begun playing bass guitar and wants to begin incorporating heavy bass riffs into their music.

Thomas Ladner

Lead Guitarist

Thomas has been playing guitar since he was twelve years old. He was inspired to pick up a guitar after finding a cassette tape of The Jimi Hendrix Experience and falling in love with the way he played. He was intoxicated by the way Jimi created sounds that he had never heard before.

Thomas grew up in a poor and abusive household where noise was not tolerated. He saved up money to buy his first guitar from various odd jobs around the neighborhood. As a child, Thomas used music as a means to escape his toxic home life. He didn't have the means for formal training so he taught himself how to play by listening to whatever music he could get his hands on and attempting to play along. Strumming along to the titans of music made him feel like he was more than an insignificant, abused child and was someonelse entirely. Even if all the notes were wrong it gave him an outlet to express himself. 

He soon found himself craving musical knowledge and took up playing bass guitar and alto saxophone in his high school's marching band. It was at this time that he began experimenting with new and different styles of music. This journey led him to the genre where he found his home, goth music. The dark, entrancing melodies of bands like Christian Death, Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy really resonated with his feelings towards his upbringing. 

During high school he started a local metal band with a classmate. While it didn't last long, it introduced him to many different genres of metal. Eventually he moved to Mobile, Alabama where he met the love of his life. The two have since traveled and played music around the world together. 

Logan Beebe

Bass Guitarist

Logan's love for music was inspired by his sister's fondness of the 90s industrial sounds along with the metal drumming he so often heard from his eldest brother. With two other brothers as songwriters, it was destined for him to put pen to paper and carry the torch. 

As the years passed, his childhood friends started their own bands, which further influenced Logan's decision to fully dedicate himself to his craft. He soon after gave himself the stage name "Logan the Great". 

His current projects include Muse to Sirens and the duo band Audioithaca.

Brie Keeney


At a young age the Pennsylvania native tried her hand at piano and but did not feel a strong connection with the instruments. It wasn't until her older sister joined their high school marching band that she decided to follow in her musical footsteps and try something new. Thrown into drumline in her freshman year with no idea how to follow a conductor or count time, she quickly rose to the occasion and dedicated her high school years to the craft. 

During this time, she was introduced to metalcore, which light a fire in her to further explore elements of the genre. Once she acquired a double bass petal, metal became her genre of choice, though she still branched out and pulled on influences from blues, jazz, classic rock, and dubstep.  Her influences include Devil Wears Prada, Breach, Enter Shikari, and Les Friction.